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In 1994 the musical minds of a tight group of friends attending Brigham Young University got together to form the band SOFA. This spontaneous gathering would have far reaching effects. It was the birth of an entire lineage of bands, music and collaborations that still persist to this day.


Sofa started out like many typical college bands; playing house parties and small clubs, which quickly gained a rabid following with
their danceable music and engaging live shows.


The original group was: Darin Hazen- lead vocals, trumpet, Mike Ward- bass, backup vocals, Jason Meyer- guitar, Brett Theiss- drums, and Chris Watson- saxophone, backup vocals. Later on Jason and Brett were replaced by Gabe Ulibarri on guitar and Bruce Kirby on drums.


In April of 1995 they released their debut CD "Arcana" which was produced and engineered by future Sofa drummer Bruce Kirby. Signature songs and crowd favorites were: "Stealin' Chicken", "Wings", "Navajo Taco" and "Swordfish". The Arcana CD sold well, garnered positive reviews, received radio airplay and secured the band regular rotations in northern Utah's music venues.


After the departure of lead singer Darin Hazen in 1996, the band retooled itself and morphed into the heavier sounding LoveSeat Daredevil. But the roots of the original SOFA groove and music mindset were always present.




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